AMC – More Than Music

Karl Blau is a man with a vision – this time his plan is in the form of an art project called Anacortes Music Channel.  The project creates uses for this beautiful, tall-ceiling space combining the surrounding community with music and art happenings.   Get people together of all ages – that’s in bold letters on the manifesto.  And get folks singing together, improvising together, creating songs together, collaborating on performance art, and sharing video techniques for example.

Way downtown A-town just before Guemes Channel at the end of Commercial Avenue, nestled in the 120 year old Olsen Building and behind a duet of 12 foot high glass panes sits a space and the seed planted to host not just music events, workshops, and classes, but classes and events in recording engineering and production, dance, yoga, performance art, visual art, fashion and film.  Anacortes Music Channel emerges from where the adored Anchor Arts Space lived for the last 6 years at 216 Commercial.  AMC aims to feature regular intervals of local art as well, and is actively looking for artists.

Blau’s plan is taking action.  Regular classes start this coming March with evening drop-in sessions between 6 and 9pm of varying themes.  Those evening themes are shaping up thusly –  Sunday evening:  Free Choir; Monday: Music Improv; Tuesday: What Will Be Ben Starner Meditative Piano Hour; Wednesday: Music Making Session; Thursday:  Anacortes Immature Orchestra; Friday: Drum Octagon; Saturday: Family Dance Night feat. DJ KB Toyz.  These evening sessions are open to the public to be a part of or just come in and listen.   Drop-in fee is sliding scale $3 to $10.

Anacortes Music Channel will operate as a community/arts/music empowerment center.  One of the classes taught by Channel founder, songwriter, and record producer Karl Blau leads a small group through the creating and writing of 2 songs from lyrics and melody all the way through learning, rehearsing, performing, recording and mixing of those 2 songs.   “The idea is going through the motions together will help clear blockage that anyone may have of the entire process of taking a song from seedlings to fruition.  It’s a class you could take seven times and have seven completely different experiences,” states Blau.  Some of the other classes at the Channel include group guitar, group drumming, yoga combined with writing, improvisation, songwriting, recording engineering and production.

To help announce the opening of Anacortes Music Channel and showcase the sheer energy of the bands and artists active in this Skagit community – each Friday in February Anacortes Music Channel hosts a wide variety of songwriters, musicians and artists displaying a mass of talent from Fidalgo Island and beyond.   Stay tuned for workshops, more shows, and a fashion show this Spring at Anacortes Music Channel.



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