Friday Shows In February Help Announce New Venue/Classroom in Anacortes For More Than Music

Musicians and artists in Anacortes have banded together to host events, classes, workshops and seminars in a beautiful space downtown A-town at 216 Commercial Ave. – formerly Anchor Art Space now known as Anacortes Music Channel.  Classes and drop-in evening sessions begin Monday, March 2nd, sign-up for classes ranging from recording engineering and songwriting to kids yoga/art and yoga combined with writing begins Thursday, January 29th.  Each Friday in February, Anacortes Music Channel hosts a different theme of all-ages, public welcoming shows highlighting the talents intact from our local community.

Friday Show Line Ups for February at Anacortes Music Channel 216 Commercial Ave. 7 – 9 PM – entry with donation at the door.

6th:  Voice as Instrument:  Karl Blau (founder of Anacortes Music Channel), John Eric Delourme, Ever Ending Kicks, Pearl Tottenham

13th:  Space Is The Place:  Compass Girl, The Drink Up Honey, Stephen Roxborough

20th:  Local Folk and Jazz:  The Hoe & the Harrow, Crazy Like A Fox and Hungry Cloud Darkening

27th:  Hearing Protection Required:  SiLM, Cumulus, Enduro


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