Evening Drop In Sessions at The Channel

Beginning Monday, March 2nd –  Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday – 216 Commercial Avenue hosts active music making sessions designed to broaden music horizons through musical experiences.   All EVENING SESSIONS start at 7pm, are open to the general public for listening, and have a $3 – 10 sliding scale door fee (based on what the attendee can give).  Screens, cell phone use discouraged.

=======  EVENING SESSIONS  =======

Sundays, 7 – 8:30 PM
FREE CHOIR – Directed by Karl Blau.  Sing Together!  Learn and sing songs of Anacortes heritage and songs the group is inspired to learn.   All voices and skill levels encouraged.  Just bring your person.

Mondays, 7 – 9 PM
MOON RAW SESSION – Anacortes version of late 60’s Sun Ra gatherings Monday nights at Slug’s, NYC.   Bring an instrument to join in on the loosely choreographed improvisation.  All styles welcome to join in this Monday evening study of deep listening and responding.

Basically, the group gathers at 7pm, tunes up, and communicates about any ideas to attempt during the session and whatnot.  The piece begins as the group observes the Moon Raw Clock (no hour hand) and decides during the ALOHA period (approximately 7:30 pm) and observes the first of three major sections in the music.  The first being the Blue time – getting to know the space, the players, nice and relaxed.  The second or Green time is where the time drops out and the feeling is open and without time signature – or many different time signatures coalescing.  The third and final movement is Mauve time which is invigorated, spirited.  Each phase is around 17 minutes.

Moon Raw clock face

Tuesdays, 7 – 8:30 PM
WHAT WILL BE (BEN STARNER) or PIANO WAY – All are welcome to write, draw, meditate, listen, dream and relax as we soak up the music of the moment out of master piano improvisor Ben Starner (or some master at tickling the ivories).  This is our chance as music lovers to listen to deep acoustic piano playing in a tranquil space with no distractions.

Wednesday (breathe!)

Thursday, 7 – 8:30
IMMATURE ORCHESTRA – Karl Blau, director.  Dust off the trombone under your bed, take the flute off of the shelf or just bring your willing body – we’ll provide percussion and a few other instruments.  Karl Blau mediates and directs  this make-shift band du jour to write, quickly rehearse and perform miniature pieces (20 to 30 seconds long) on the spot like sand castles.   Low pressure, high involvement and great practice of working together as a group.  Each week is bound to be very different based on who is in the band, which instruments arrive and what mood we’re in. Whatever instrument you play, whatever instrument you fantasize yourself playing, whichever level of skill you are, just show up with your instrument, tune up and we start.

Friday, 7 – 8:30 PM
DRUM OCTOGON –  Partly improvised, partly exploring preconceived patterns.  All styles and ages welcome, body movement/dancing/expression not discouraged.  There may be a video or visual element to this session from which to draw inspiration from.


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