MOON RAW Sessions Ringing True

FROM THE DESK OF KARL BLAU, Anacortes Music Channel supervisor

Monday nights at 7pm, Anacortes Music Channel has already hosted 5 weeks consecutively of MOON RAW sessions.  People have been filtering in somewhat randomly with varying instrument experience and preferences and the music has been just extraordinary.  Tonight a couple different people brought effects stations with them and played guitar and lap steel as well as other things through their respective effects units and amplifiers.   Then there was the cello pursuit that did turn out to be fruitful thanks to a neighboring musician who was kind enough to loan his for the evening.

Moon Raw clock face - no text

The concept with MOON RAW’s structure is suggested by the face of a clock that the group watches out of the corners of their eyes.   A touch different than any other clock, the hour hand is missing,  four sections including the section of pie facing downwards is where around 7:30 the session begins.  MOON RAW session starts somewhere in the ALOHA section –  which is both the beginning and the end section, and LOVE of course.

Shakers, drums, the piano, a few guitars, people wander around sometimes and just go with the feeling of the moment as to what instrument to play.

As the minute hand winds around the other three sections around 17 minutes each, the blue section is first.   The blue section is getting to know the space and one another through deep listening.   Generally a relaxed vibe.

The middle section is the green pie wedge signifying a letting go of time signatures.   It is suggested that if people do play in time signatures, others may offer different tempos to overlay and suggest a static state.

The final section is mauve, invigorated, energetic.  This part is also a deep listening practice to hear all contributions and communicate effectively as a conversation.

Here is an excerpt of the transition between the green, letting go of time signature and then the mauve, invigorated feeling.  This recording just happened tonight, Monday March 30th.  I have already been enjoying it at low volumes, it flows quite nicely(Thanks Emma, Meghan, Tom, John, Hannah, Luuk).

I hope you enjoy this little snippet of the improvisation (we had so much fun, the clock went around twice!) and please do join us Monday nights at 7pm where we will always explore a unique feeling.   Come with instrument or just bring yourself, no pressure to even have to be involved in the music, feel free to solely enjoy the listening.

thanks for tuning in!



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