5 Local Flavors of Music – Fundraiser for Anacortes Music Channel at Heart of Anacortes!

We are trying to confuse you as much as possible around here, but when you figure this out, you will be astounded by your amazing brain.

Event: 5 Local Flavors of Music
Where:   Heart of Anacortes – 1014 4th St.
When:  Saturday June 20th,  5 pm – 9 pmDoor: $10 donation to raise funds for Anacortes Music Channel (that’s us!)

Bands:  The Hoe and the Harrow, Sky All Around, Karl Blau, John Delourme, Pulsar

5 current artists/groups of our modest fishing village come together for a performance and community gathering at Heart of Anacortes to celebrate a slice of the current music scene while raising funds for our local (and other) music project Anacortes Music Channel.    A special bonus to the evening will be Bret Lunsford‘s philosophizing on the benefits of digesting music made by your surrounding community, and may at least talk about a new compilation featuring local flavors.  Also, local rock musician by day, gourmet coffee and tea brewer by night Luuk Honey serves his Portal Coffees and Teas, snacks provided.

A few words about the all-Anacortes acts:  the celtic influenced folk spirit of The Hoe and the Harrow will get your toes a-tappin’; the down home harmonies and classic talent of blue-grassy Sky All Around will get you to start singin’; Karl Blau’s voice will take you back to some familiar place you’ve never been before; John Delourme will melt your heart with his honest delivery and soul; and former members of Sleepy Lagoon debut their fresh style with their new incarnation known as Pulsar.


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