Anacortes Music Channel Makes Way For The Business

BIG CHANGES AFOOT! 216 Commercial Avenue – The place of Anacortes Music Channel, formerly that of Anchor Arts Space, is changing and in its place will be The Business that has been the SW corner of 4th and Commercial(and will still be there until the end of December 2015)!  Though bittersweet of course, we couldn’t be more thrilled about this transition in that:

A) – The Biz is one of our favorite businesses on the planet!  Our space here in the Olsen building is so cozy, it will make a very cool The Business.

B) – AMC is going mobile, the mission is still to acknowledge and promote Anacortes music and now we’ll get to have Anacortes Music Channel productions anywhere (that’s what we’ve already been doing!) on the Anacortes “campus” very likely even at the 2016 and beyond version of 216 Commercial Avenue.  The streaming, Anacortes music radio will continue in what will likely be a mobile version; not much is actually changing here, except we are making room for what is a more natural fit to the space.

As we uproot from this most beautiful, serene location here at 3rd and Commercial, we are extending our giraffe necks and looking about and possibly into the future for a space that is still in town somewhat but where we can really MAKE SOME NOISE!!!

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE for helping to make this a really exciting and historic year for Anacortes Music! Let’s talk soon… 2016 in our eyeballs!

BTW, here is a look at Anacortes Music Channel’s near future –

AMC tour bus



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