We – the folks involved with the Anacortes Music Project(AMP!) of which Anacortes Music Channel and Show Chime is a part of – are in hot pursuit of information that only you may be able to provide us. We’re working on building an all-inclusive website that will illustrate the diversity and help tell the story of music of Anacortes, Washington now and historically.   With web pages for each artist/band, pages for each venue, festival and compilation that has happened in Anacortes, may the Anacortes Music web site function by letting the observer peruse through the connectivity of the Anacortes music scene. By way of biographies and stories, photos, scans of show posters, recordings, and videos that you provide us (and that we drum up) we hope to make this website an experience.

Pretty please!  If you’re from Anacortes
and are a musician/songwriter or have
been in a band in this town, write us at
– we’ll send you a list of things to gather
and a questionnaire to fill out to make sure
your chapter of Anacortes music is included.


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