MOON RAW gathers 1st and third Mondays somewhere in Anacortes… A ritual in sound, musicians and sound artists gather at 7 pm Monday the 7th of March 2016 at LOOK Gallery, behind Scott Milo Gallery on 5th St., and next to THink Tiny Gallery, just West of Commercial Ave. Bring any instruments you wish and your listening ears.  Free and open to all ages/all kinds of open-minded folks.

The MOON RAW after that will take place, at the Anacortes Library Monday the 21st at 7 pm.

In a nutshell, MOON RAW is the Anacortes version of late 60’s/early 70’s Sun Ra gatherings Monday nights at Slug’s, NYC.   We follow this basic shape where the hand going around the clock indeed represents 1 hour give or take some time.  The Aloha section generally refers to 7:25 to 7:35 pm in the beginning and then around 8:30 pm at the close of the piece.

Moon Raw clock face

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