BRING-A-PLATE documents the local music scene by offering no cost up front recordings to artists/bands from the area.  Recordings take place generally on Saturdays between 6 and 10 pm at Anacortes Music Channel (216 Commercial Ave.).

How the label operates is Bring-A-Plate fronts the recording, mixing and mastering process which is then recuperated through digital sales via our site.  Meanwhile, the artist keeps his or her rights to physical sales and retains all other rights; the artist is the sole owner of the song masters for physical formats.  Once the cost is recuperated, Bring-A-Plate relinquishes it’s rights to sell the songs digitally.

Are you one or would you know an interested artist or group which crafts songs?   This could be great for specific projects since it’s just two songs. Please get on our radar and let’s talk about how it could happen.  E-mail anacortesmusicchannel(at sign)gmail(dot)com for questions/connecting.





“Complicated” b/w “Roadside MemoryJune 13th 2015

Pearl Tottenham displayed amazing confidence at our studio during her recording here with Brian Tottenham (her Dad) playing bass on the tracks, as well as the lead guitar and Karl Blau sitting in on simple boom-chuck drums, holding it down.   Perfectly simple songs – sounds easy, right?  The chorus melodies are among the deeper variety of known ear-worms; this mixed with the bold delivery of her seemingly effortless, soulful vocal performances begs repeated listens.

11350078_982363968464409_1453337390_nOther Pearl sites:
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“I Have Nothing To Say” b/w “Roadside Memory”
May 9th 2015

The first single recorded here at AMC for the Bring-A-Plate series features the music of Emma Cooper aka Dweller.  Produced by Karl Blau.  She performs the electric guitar on each tune and this is her voice on the first one.   Blau sits in on the drums for the first song, “I Have Nothing to Say.”  Sound effects for “Roadside Memory” were made in the Channel.  Bon Appetit!




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